About Us

At New Leaf Hearing Clinic, our mission is to improve every patient’s ability to communicate by combining superior audiologic care with cutting-edge amplification technology; thereby, creating a customized hearing solution to fit each unique patient’s needs.

New Leaf Hearing Clinic is an audiology practice focused on the hearing care needs of adults.  Services include hearing evaluations, hearing aid evaluations, aural rehabilitation, and hearing protection.  We provide exceptional treatment, service, and technology at a great value.  Our trial periods, warranties, and aftercare packages are among the best in the industry. Please call for more details.

New Leaf Hearing Clinic’s primary hearing care provider, Julie L. Raney, is an experienced audiologist who specializes in compassionate and personalized patient care.  At New Leaf we focus on each patient as a unique individual with unique hearing needs.  The hearing aid industry is filled with practitioners whose primary goal is to sell hearing aids; they have no regard for the patient’s overall hearing needs and the social, emotional, and financial implications of hearing loss.  We pride ourselves on involving the patient in the hearing aid selection process.  Acting as a guide, we help our patients determine the right hearing aid for their hearing loss, lifestyle, and budget.  Our goal is not a one-time purchase, but a lifelong relationship.