Our Services

New Leaf Hearing Clinic provides the following services:

Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations

Hearing is tested using pure tones and speech to determine your hearing acuity.  (Don’t worry, it’s easy, and it’s better than the dentist any day of the week!)

Tinnitus Evaluations

Subjective measurement and discussion of any bothersome ringing or buzzing sounds you may hear inside your ears or head.  We’ll also discuss treatment options such as sound therapy and amplification if needed. To learn more about tinnitus, the American Tinnitus Association has many great resources available.

Hearing Aid Evaluation

Assessment of need for amplification based on hearing loss and communication difficulties.  We can discuss new amplification options, and/or assess the appropriateness of your current amplification.  We’ll also discuss assistive listening devices that can be used with or without a hearing aid, including Bluetooth options.  Please see our Hearing Improvement section for more information.

Eardrum Evaluation

We use an instrument called a tympanometer to make sure that your eardrum and the three tiny ear bones are functioning properly.  It is also used to make sure that there is no fluid behind your eardrum.

Hearing Aid Repairs and Service

We service most manufacturers’ hearing aids and almost any hearing aid is repairable no matter how old it is (unless it is smashed to smithereens).  Repair costs vary by manufacturer and the age of the device.

Professional Referrals

If any of our diagnostic tests indicate there could be a medical problem contributing to your hearing loss, we will immediately refer you to your primary care physician or an ear-nose-and-throat specialist.

Hearing Rehabilitation Counseling

We provide counseling on a variety of topics including: hearing loss in general, appropriate expectations for amplification, tips for hearing aid success, and use and care of hearing aids.  Counseling services are offered in English and Sign Language.

Hearing Protection Evaluation

Assessment of need for hearing protection from occupational noise, recreational noise, music, and even snoring!  We’ll discuss options such as universal vs. custom protection and available options for both.  Please see our Hearing Protection section for more information.

Earwax Removal

Removal of obstructing earwax using curettes and irrigation procedures.  We also provide patient education on recommended at-home wax management techniques.


We carry hearing aid batteries in stock in our office for a very reasonable price.  We can also mail them to you, but there is a small additional charge to cover postage.