What Separates Us From the Herd

At New Leaf Hearing Clinic we are committed to providing our patients with excellent service and warranties because we understand that hearing aids are an important investment that need protecting. EVERY Hearing aid we sell comes with the following:


65 Day Trial Period With a FULL No-Hassle Refund

We’ll work hard to make sure you’re happy, but if you’re not, we’ll give you a 100% refund.

Minimum 3 Manufacturer’s Warranty for Repair at No Charge*

If your hearing aid breaks down, the manufacturer will fix it for free, as often as needed, for a minimum of three years—this does NOT include if the hearing aid is accidentally crushed.  That would fall under “damage beyond repair.”

Minimum 3 Manufacturer’s Warranty for Loss & Damage Beyond Repair*

The manufacturer will replace each hearing aid with a new instrument one time during the warranty if the aid is lost or crushed.  The deductible per hearing aid for replacement is $250.00

Minimum 3 Service Package*

All office services including hearing tests, hearing aid adjustments/maintenance, and wax removal are done at no charge for the minimum three  year warranty period.

*Limited exclusions may apply.