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Bluetooth Connectivity, connecting you to the world!

What is Bluetooth Connectivity?

Bluetooth connectivity is technology that enables a wireless connection to mobile devices like cell phones and iPods.  It can also be used to connect to a television, a stereo, or even a computer!  Do you wear hearing aids?—Bluetooth technology comes standard in most hearing aids today.  It is easy to use and makes for a more convenient lifestyle.  It also enables you to be more connected to those around you.

How does it work and how can it help me?

Typically an additional device is needed to activate and utilize the Bluetooth technology in the hearing aids.  Such a device may be worn around the neck of the person wearing hearing aids or clipped to a lapel of a jacket.  The Bluetooth device will constantly monitor the user’s cell phone for incoming calls. When a call is received, it sends the signal directly to the hearing aids. The hearing aid user will hear the phone ringing in their ears and answer the call by simply pushing a button—they can then talk hands-free and can hear the call in both ears simultaneously.  When connected to the TV or an iPod they listen to their music or TV program through their hearing aids.  Not only is the clarity of the signal improved with a direct connection to the device, but the hearing aid user can also adjust the volume to their own preference without disturbing others.

There is also a device called a remote microphone that can be used in a large group setting, such as a meeting or a restaurant.  The hearing aid user gives a small microphone to the speaker to clip to their lapel.  The speaker’s voice is transmitted wirelessly to the hearing aids.  The hearing aid user is able to hear the speaker’s voice clearly because the hearing difficulty caused by distance and background noise has been reduced.

If you are interested in learning more about how Bluetooth connectivity can improve your hearing contact New Leaf Hearing Clinic today!

(Source: Better Hearing Institute, www.betterhearing.org)

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