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If you’ve got a broken hearing aid, then you’ve come to the right place!  At New Leaf Hearing Clinic we are able to service and repair most makes and models of hearing aids.  In some cases the problem can be corrected in-house by cleaning or fine-tuning the hearing aid.  For more serious ailments, the hearing aid may need to be sent to the factory for more extensive repairs.  For a newer hearing aid, usually under 5 years old, the hearing aid is sent to the original manufacturer.  If the hearing aid is over five years old it can sometimes be more cost effective to have it repaired by a general repair lab rather than the original manufacturer.  This is somewhat akin to having your car repaired by an independent mechanic, rather than the dealer.  If your hearing aid has to be sent out for repair, when it returns it will have a one year repair warranty.  This will cover the hearing aid for any additional repairs that are needed within a one year time period.  This coverage does not protect against loss or damage beyond repair.

The average life expectancy of a digital hearing aid is five to seven years.  Hearing aids over that age are definitely still repairable, but in most cases the hearing aid user would benefit from updated digital technology.  But if you’re thinking of upgrading make sure to hang on to those old hearing aids!  Having a spare pair of hearing aids can come in handy as a back-up for emergencies, just like an old pair of glasses.

Please feel free to call and schedule an appointment if you have a question about having your hearing aid repaired, we’d be happy to take a look at it for you!


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