Assistive Listening Devices & Bluetooth Devices

Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) provide amplification for specific situations, such as talking on the telephone or watching television.  In some cases they work on their own, and in some cases they work with a hearing aid.  For example, a person with hearing loss may prefer to have an amplified landline telephone that they can use with or without their hearing aid.  While another person may use a hearing aid compatible Bluetooth device with their cell phone—so they can talk hands free and hear the call through their hearing aids.

Most new hearing aids are Bluetooth compatible; but be sure and tell your hearing professional if this is an option that is important to you.

Each hearing aid manufacturer makes their own Bluetooth accessories; they work only with hearing aids of that same brand.  These devices can be purchased from your audiologist.

ADCO, located in Englewood, CO, carries a large selection of Assistive Listening Devices including amplified telephones, alarm clocks, alerting devices, wireless TV headsets, and amplified stethoscopes.  You can purchase their products online, by phone (call to request a catalog), or in their store.

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