Custom Musician Monitors come in a variety of options.  Check out Westone’s website for more information.

  • Custom Musician Hearing Protection
    A great option for band members who don’t use monitors (including marching bands) and concert.  They provide a flat attenuation, which allows music to be heard accurately, but at a safer volume.  Filters are available in 9, 15, or 25dB of attenuation.  Filters can also be interchanged with solid plugs, which are included with every order, thereby converting them into a traditional earplug.
  • Custom Earpieces for Universal Fit Monitors (such as Shur) are available to help improve comfort and retention.
  • CR1 Recreational earpieces are a custom fit option for people who want to upgrade their stock earbuds for better sound quality and background noise suppression.
  • Custom Earpieces For Universal Earbuds are available, and help to improve the comfort and retention of stock earbuds, like those made for an iPod.