I am a Registered Nurse with profound hearing loss that affects my everyday life. Audiologist Julie has been outstanding in my care! She has worked diligently in finding the right hearing aides to fit my needs. She is very compassionate and patient. She is absolutely the BEST audiologist I have ever worked with! Thank you Julie for all you do!

-Rosemary J.


Julie Raney may have a new business but I can testify from personal experience that she is an expert in her field.  She has been my audiologist for the last seven years and I can honestly say that I have not had any better in the twenty five years that I have worn hearing aids.  Julie simply will not let go until the hearing aid is as good as it can possibly get.  When I purchased my last hearing aids the ear mold fit was not quite right.  She was relentless in getting a better hearing piece and now they fit exactly the way I would expect them to.  The added bonus is I am hearing better than I have in many years.  I have a very high regard for Julie and wish her the very best with New Leaf Hearing Clinic.  Without hesitation I recommend the New Leaf Hearing Clinic for anyone with a hearing loss.

Steve B.


New Leaf Hearing Clinic provided one of the best possible environments for my hearing concerns. And in follow-up visits she was just as professional and caring as in the first visit. She is efficient and compassionate in all her efforts to offer all solutions to your hearing loss issues while providing the best possible customer service. I highly recommend her company.

A. E.


Julie is the best audiologist in the Denver Area and she has changed my life. I don’t say that lightly or to be dramatic. It is absolutely true. Julie is compassionate, intelligent, caring, and she really listens. She treats each of her clients with the utmost respect and works hard to find the best hearing solution for each of her clients. She never tries to sell products that aren’t needed and always provides options and alternatives. She doesn’t have a huge mark-up like other places do. I have had a hearing loss all my life and I have a long list of audiologists I’ve seen and none hold a candle to Julie. So may places tried to sell me very expensive products that I didn’t need, or that wouldn’t really work well for my hearing loss. Unfortunately, there seems to be a lot of hearing aid SALES places who just want your money or just want to rip you off. I can absolutely guarantee you that Julie is definitely not that way.

Susan M.


Julie Raney is an incredible audiologist. As a fellow audiologist, I have seen her interact with patients and provide the utmost respect and patient care. She truly values the needs of each individual patient and it shows in every interaction. I would highly recommend her for any of your hearing care needs!

Julie E.


Julie Raney of New Leaf Hearing Clinic in Arvada is an authority on hearing loss, tinnitus, and hearing aids. She has a wealth of knowledge and skills she uses to provide the best hearing aid products and services to her patients. I highly recommend her!

Randy S.


I feel more comfortable here and the price is good.

James N.