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Five Tips for Surviving the Holidays with Hearing Loss

Holiday gatherings can be a frustrating time for those with hearing loss. A few tips will help you prepare for this Holiday Season and make it more enjoyable for you and yours.

 1. Make those around you aware of your hearing loss.

While this is hard for many of us, the old saying goes; a hearing loss is more noticeable than a hearing aid. People know even if you don’t tell them. Be up front about it and it will take the pressure off.

 2. Keep the music down.

Background music during the holidays can be wonderful but if too loud it can create a lot of background noise that is difficult for all.

 3. Take a break.

Trying to hear in a lively atmosphere can take a physical toll. Even those without hearing loss find it difficult in noisy environments. Take a break every now and then and give yourself a rest.

 4. Dinner parties can be more difficult because of so many people around the same table.

Try and sit next to those who you find it easier to hear and communicate with.  Good conversations get passed around the table.

 5. Make sure you have enough fresh batteries.

Change your battery before you leave for a big event or party so that you don’t have to worry about your hearing aid dying at an inopportune time.

Happy Holidays and Happy Hearing from New Leaf Hearing!


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